Expert Author James R Robertson

RPGs are not the most common genre of video games, but to those die hard gamers it is the only thing they truly enjoy. RPGs can take hours of continuous play to beat, and even then it takes a huge amount of strategy to accomplish. Over the last decade many RPGs have been released that top the charts of video games, and here I will cover the top five most challenging ones.

To begin is Kingdom Hearts, released in 2002. This Disney based game is a very complex and difficult game. This game is very difficult because, like any RPG you must level up to gain strength, and sometimes the game will throw enemies at you that are a much higher level than you. I did finish this game and it made me a better game because I learned to rely more on the AI.

The second RPG is Final Fantasy XIII, released in 2010. This game, like all other Final Fantasy games, is a very long and complex game. You are introduced to progressively harder and harder enemies and bosses. I did finish this game and it made me a better gamer through the way it made me look at puzzles and how I assessed the battlefield.

The third RPG is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, released in 2003. This game is honestly one of my favorites but it is a very hard game in the constant puzzles and obstacles that are presented to you through the game. It took me a very long time to finish the game but I did it, and it made me a better gamer in the way that I outfit my characters. This game is very hard and what you fit to your character can make the difference between life and death.

The last and best RPG is Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, released in 2011. This is a very spectacular and glorious game. The aspect of this game that constantly keeps you on your toes and makes it all that more difficult is the constant changing of the game. You never know exactly what monster will jump out and attack you as you continue through the game, and every experience is different for every person. I did complete this game and it made me a better gamer by always keeping my guard up and constantly saving my game every few minutes.


Expert Author Jacobo O Calderon

The demand for rave clothes and accessories has increased dramatically through the last few years. Laser finger lights are now being utilized in the majority of the rave parties now a days making laser finger lights one of the most essential accessories. Clearly as the name says, these lights attach to each of your 10 fingers which then emit a beam of light that projects from your fingertips wherever you point them. Some ravers even get an additional set to attach to their toes!

LED laser finger lights use very little power while giving a large grade of functionality and dazzling patterns. Since they do not take much battery power they are among the most energy-efficient brand of lighting, which also makes them very environmentally friendly, too. Some have rechargeable batteries or you can choose ones that are disposable after use.The beam on the led laser finger lights serves as a high intensity light using one or two milliwatts. The laser beams are narrow in range which is beneficial to the light patterns. You have a large degree of control on the directionality and focus on laser beams. The light does not disperse the illumination as most light beams do. This is because all of the light waves are coupled together. The laser beams contain all of the colors on the rainbow. Laser light produces beams that travel exactly parallel to one other making this trait a perfect fit for your light show.

Many of the led laser finger lights are programmable. Some light sets even have variable settings to further customize your personal look. This will show you the possibility to design many different color groupings. You receive the highest quality from green and yellow laser lights. Green has a tendency to produce one of the best results. Red intensifies the pulse effect on your light patterns. Through the use of these colors you'd improve the energy level of one's party or gathering. Most have different settings for adjusting the lasers light pulses.The led laser finger lights create stunning effects and patterns. Patterns and bright light colors will help set the mood. If you would like to optimize your light patterns you then should get various colors for your fingers.

The multi-colors will produce the most amazing patterns. Lights come in a couple of different styles. One type is alone with bands for attaching to individual fingers. There are also gloves that you wear on your hands with lights built into the fingertips. For instance, you could create an awesome addition to your outfit by using black knit rave gloves with white tips and multicolored lights for every finger! Despite the fact that the led laser finger lights are an absolute must among ravers; they aren't the only ones that adore the laser lights. The attractive light patterns these lights create will make your next party unforgettable. If you genuinely want to make a lasting impression and a big impact at your next party, then consider buying many of these incredibly fun novelties.

The led laser finger lights make an outstanding gift choice, too. They are loved by almost everyone. Besides their use at raves and parties you can use them for Bar or Bat Mitzvah prizes, party favors, Halloween, outdoor concerts, fireworks, and similar events. You may also customize your special karaoke show! These tend to be the final touch for the ultimate in dark attire. They can even make your evening walks safer. You can point at any object or direction you desire and attract attention to your presence.The demand of those incredible finger lights is now at peak, making it easier for you to discover a durable, cool multitude of laser finger lights. You can now go online and buy from a wide variety of web sites. Obtain them in single colors or multiple-colored sets. Just make sure you choose your definitive set of lights and get everybody started!


Expert Author Deelyn Neilson

Sometimes living in a home can give you a view through rosy colored glasses, but buyers will be the first to spot shortcomings. Those little projects you've been putting off--like repainting the front door or updating the landscaping--may be simple but they can discourage potential buyers. Staging a home is simply the process of removing those little projects. Buyers want a home that is as move-in ready as possible. Here are five tips for enhancing curb appeal and making your home more buyer friendly.

1. Paint, Paint, Paint: A new coat of paint can go a long way to making your home look up to date. Neutral colors work best because they appeal to the most number of people. Don't forget that you may need to touch up paint on the exterior doors, deck, and front stoop.

2. Mow the Lawn: Take the time to mow the lawn and clean the yard. Trim carefully around the mailbox, flower beds, trees and shrubbery. Rake leaves and grass and put away any tools that may be lying around. Buyers see a messy yard and think of hard work. With a tidy lawn, buyers can focus on the home itself. If they like what they see on the outside, you'll improve your chances of getting buyers to look inside.

3. Plant Flowers: Seasonal blooms or perennial greenery can bring a splash of color to your home and brighten the view from the street. It's simply another way of showing how good your home can look. Flowers throughout the house will please the senses and make it feel like a home.

4. Spruce Up Your Walkway: Dressing up your walkway with bricks or paving stones will lead people to your front door. Stones and brick also bring definition to areas like flower beds or and the bases of trees and shrubs. Add inexpensive solar lighting to further improve your home's look. This is especially important if you'll be showing the home in the evening.

5. Add Window Treatments: Keep your home from looking plain or boring with some decorative shutters. Windows are an important element of the exterior decor of your home. Choose coverings that enhance the windows without hiding them. Buyers love to see natural sunlight stream through a home. Take some time to add planter boxes to the exteriors of windows for an immediate improvement that doesn't cost a lot of money.

By following these five tips, you will be able to capture the hearts and minds of today's buyers, as well as improve your chances for a quick sale at top dollar.


Expert Author Stan Horn

Marketing strategies for beginners are basically the fundamental skills we need to learn as internet marketers. Every new internet marketer has to start somewhere and selling information and products on the internet requires us to put on a different hat and start thinking like marketers. I also found out along the way that I had many new skills that I needed to learn and it was quite overwhelming at times.

That is why I wanted to share some of the best online marketing tips that I have developed over the years for a beginner to key in on when they set out on their journey to become internet marketers and start their own web business. Here I have broken it down to 8 things you need to focus on with your number one goal of building your list. It is truly where the money is.

1.) Use your time wisely. Set aside a block of time everyday ( Undisturbed ) to work on your business. When we first set out to be internet marketers, it's easy to get info overload and not know what to do next. Take the block of time set aside and break it down into segments of about 1 half hour and use each segment to accomplish one task.

Example - Monday - 1 Post to forums, 2 Post to Facebook and twitter, 3 Put a video on YouTube, 4 Write an article, - this would equal a 2 hour work block. Use a different block to study and learn new skills. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish this way.

The times are not carved in stone but don't get stuck in a forum for 2 hours or see something on YouTube that sends you off course. Stay Focused - Remember, this is a business we are developing, so break it down into smaller parts and you will accomplish so much more.

2.) Use a system that works for you. Take some time to learn several different systems but learn them one system at a time. And when you are comfortable with it, put it into action and move to the next system. Almost every system can produce results. For example...... article marketing, video marketing, classified ads...... But don't go from one system to the next. Learn one at a time.

3.) Start Taking action. After you have chosen a system and learned the basics, you have to start doing. Don't get stuck with "analyzing everything to death" and don't be afraid to take action. Just do it. So what if you make mistakes? Remember this don't worry about it. Fail quickly and learn from your mistakes. They are stepping-stones to your success. "After learning you must start doing or the learning was for nothing".

4.) Learn how to write sales copy. Maybe the best advice I can give you is to learn to write copy and articles yourself. Sometimes you might outsource this task, but knowing the basics yourself will allow you to evaluate their work. However right now you are learning internet marketing strategies for beginners so take some time and learn to do it yourself.

5.) Join a forum or two in your niche. Forums are great places to go to accomplish many things at once. For example if you find a popular topic, ask questions about it in a post. Then take the answers, and copy and paste them into a note pad or word document. Rewrite everything into your own words and you have a great article. Also you can create a signature link for all your posts which is a great way to get traffic to your site and build your list.

6.) There is no such thing as free traffic. Think about this, how much is your time worth, and if you pay for advertising is it saving you enough time to make it worth the price. You might want to consider Pay Per Click. PPC is the quickest way to get traffic to your website. However, if you don't do it right, you can lose your shirt. So learn the ins and outs before using this method.

7.) Learn to create a process. Don't try to re-invent the wheel when you create a new product or web site. Instead, have a specific system. Set up a blog or promote an eBook and learn to give something away for free to build your list. This will save you time in the long run, it will also help you make more money. When first starting to learn internet marketing strategies for beginners, this is the one that so many marketers miss.

8.) Create value for your customers. It's not about taking your customer's money. It is about developing relationships with them and providing them with value. It's much harder to get an initial customer than have someone who trusts you buy from you again and again.

So, there you have some of the key marketing strategies for beginners to get you going. It all revolves around using your time wisely and learning a system that you are comfortable with. Then use that system to build relationships and create value for your customers so you can build your list. So what do you do now? See Number 3 and then, Take Action And Go Get Started!

Stan lives at the tip of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay in the state of Maryland.

Stan is a full time Internet Marketer, and has worked with several of the top marketers on the internet today.

Stan's info and teachings have helped many Newcomers and Beginners successfully Start Their First Web Business.

For your Free Video Course teaching you step by step how to Create Your First Web Business that might just change your life, and can generate you a income for many years to come.


Expert Author HK Whelan

1. Management training short clips require too much time: One Fortune 500 manager of training simply stated this. Assuming we're younger than thirty and grew up seeing online videos,he might not necessarily engage us. Video lessons can be brief, 3-5 minutes in duration, and the best for backing up any kind of knowledge or learning in a much more visual, emotive style.

2. Leadership development training video clips are unproductive: As with the utilization of any type of new media or any new training from that matter, you must have a focus and also have a story line. similar to generating a TV information program, a good leadership skills education course ideally requires several fundamentals: copy, videos, in-person and even on the web interaction focused on an educational outcome.

3. Videos don't offer many details: The fact is management video clip trainings and harassment video courses supply a lot of information and, in most cases, have Leader's training strategy guides coupled with PowerPoint's that training companies are able to use or even mold and adapt for their unique courses. This can save experts major time and money.

4. Off-the-shelf classes are too generic: In some cases this can be true especially if you are endeavoring to train how to install a faucet or any other specific hard skill. On the other hand, for anybody who is showing how to be a more effective manager or behavior change, so-called "soft skills", off-the-shelf leadership online video courses can aid greatly in showing good leadership skills from entrepreneurs and business leaders who've withstood the challenge of time. Visualize video about Jack Welch and / or maybe Stephen Covey along with Marshall Goldsmith. These videos will jump start new trainings or else freshen up established courses.

5. Leadership development video training sets you back a ridiculous amount: When you actually study the cost connected with actually creating your own films, one can find business training video footage costs a lot less. Compute the salaries of the workforce needed produce video clip tutorials and also edit the whole bunch. On top of that, consider the ventures people won't have the time to achieve. Experts also save from not having to produce an instruction completely from scratch.

6. You don't need an in-classroom instructor if you have leadership training videos: Sometimes, we've had our clients use our management and diversity video trainings in their entirety as part of a "lunch and learn." Other organizations and businesses will select a section of the training to focus on and explore. In most cases,they combine their working knowledge of their business with the video trainings, thus, customizing them to their specific training needs. In reality, video clip lessons combined with in classroom tutorial improves retention rates from watching and listening (50%) to as much as 70-90%, according to the Dept. of the Navy.

7. YouTube films operate okay: They may however there was one particular instructor who informed us that in the middle of a class, an ad appeared. You can imagine the look on the faces of the employees in the room. She stated it hurt her credibility within that class and the manufacturer, the employer, was viewed as not caring a sufficient amount of to buy their own internal courses.

8. The people on camera in the video don't dress like the students inside a class so they won't be credible: One particular provider didn't want to use a video training program because the announcer dressed in a jacket and their own supervisors didn't wear jackets. That's the same as claiming you don't want to listen to a tutor or perhaps a newscaster mainly because they decide to put on a jacket and you don't. Don't get diverted with the side stories; if the video supports the point you're teaching, follow that solution.

9. Leadership training videos aren't vital (If truth be told, leadership preparation isn't critical): We really were told this by an instructor at a top 5 college educating MBA college students. He explained, enrollees coming from Asia planned to be taught math concepts and hard credentials thinking and that the soft competencies didn't really matter. He in fact thought they mattered a tremendous amount however the university wasn't interested in tutoring these people in "soft skills". Say that to the businesses that hire these graduates and years later themselves having to teach some of these integral career skill sets or perhaps relegating the former pupils to the back room because of their poor relationship or people skills.

10. We don't have energy for most of these "feel good" classesHere's some challenging stats for the nay-sayers. As outlined by PricewaterhouseCoopers, Millennials desire career continuing development about three:1 over a new account bonus. 58% state they may abandon a company if they don't access this style of coaching.

Firms that invested regularly in leadership training video programs, also "soft skills" classes, outperformed others in their industry. 81 percent had strong business earning success and not one received below-average business outcome. Only 35% of those who trained rarely, achieved solid company results according to Bersin research of five-hundred HR professionals.


Expert Author Rooj O Connolly

This is to you who think that selling a screenplay as a screenwriter is an almost impossible feat because the conceived idea is that you must or should know someone in the industry you are targeting particularly the Hollywood industry.

Don't quote me wrong, knowing an agent, manager or representative is sure a good plus but I want you to get the fact that majority of screenwriters who have succeeded with a screenplay or more did not have such initial contacts. It is a process that brought them into the arena of the contacts.

But it all started with just one screenplay and the events before and after my first screenplay success is what I wish to share briefly and for the purpose of speaking to anyone reading this article now to stay on and keep knocking at the industry with your ready written screenplay and one day you will surely break the jinx and get the deal you have wished for.

My first screenplay is a thriller and I always refer to it as my first, though I had written about 9 screenplays then, that is because it was the first I sold out and it gave me the first 6 figures pay of my life then.

Follow some of my advice below and you could be on your way to selling your first screenplay.

1. You have written out your screenplay and you think it is the best that Hollywood must see but hold on first with that excitement; take that script of yours and give it to other fellows to critic it for you and if you get a 68% or more pass mark, it is worth an audience to the agents, managers or representatives who will make the sales out for you. But strive to perfect to a between 90 to 100% mark.

2. Your screenplay should be able to hold a reader's attention at its first or last 5 minutes of pages. This has been my formula. No agent is interested at being bored with words after a few minutes of flipping those pages.

3. The 2 points above means that you have a good and ready screenplay for the industry, the next phase is how do you sell it. In my own case it happened through the power of networking and mind you I did not know anyone at that stage. It all started when I attended a class hosted for screenwriters in South Africa some years ago. I now live in the united states because of business.

After the class, I approached the facilitator who is one of my great mentors today and he took me in as his boy. Phone calls exchange took the relationship to a level where he confided in me and he introduced me to someone who linked me to an agent. That was breaking the jinx. Funny enough this agent had the patience to read my 9 screenplays, guess I was favored, but only one out of the nine sold out then. I asked him how he was able to read the whole 9 in a week and choosing just one, that's where he revealed the point I made above that he only read the first and last 5 minutes of the scripts and only one script took him beyond the pages.

Now what makes those pages thick, my answer is that you must understand your characters too well and their roles, weave a drama of suspense around them and your reader will keep on turning the pages.

Finally, network with fellow screenwriters and keep knocking, the next hour could be the open door.

To your success.

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